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Our company Tariq Al Kooheji & Bros Furniture W.L.L has been very successful in creating its own unique identity and image. The last decade (since our company was established) involved hard work, but also gave me new insight & knowledge about the importance of the company’s image and how it changes between different markets. I and the rest of the management strongly believe that the main reason for our company’s success was the members’ good spirits during the work process. I’m grateful towards my company and its representatives and also towards the group members that were able and willing to participate in the progress of our company which made, Tariq Al Kooheji & Bros Furniture W.L.L possible to succeed. Our Company is the premier furnishings establishment in Bahrain with beautiful furniture stores that carry a full line of furniture, home furnishings, mattresses, and floor coverings. Our stores are inspired both classic and modern lifestyle trends. Our highly motivated staff also looks forward to providing you with the perfect service and shopping experience. All our furniture is hand crafted by skilled craftsmen with generations of experience. Every strip of wood is dried and seasoned which means that there is no chance of pieces splitting. When you buy a piece of furniture from Tariq Al Kooheji & Bros Furniture Group W.L.L, you buy it in confidence that it will last you a lifetime. Our showrooms have the finest selection of furniture in Bahrain. We offer interior design and floor planning assistance at the most reasonable prices in the country. If you see something you like or dislike, or if we may be of assistance, please do let us know. Visit our Showrooms & store and see, experience the inspiration and hospitality of Tariq Al Kooheji & Bros Furniture Group. .

Abdulhameed Al Kooheji
Managing Director