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Create A Virtual Paradise In Your Own Home With Quality Bedroom And Bathroom Accessories

A person's private bedroom and bathroom clearly rank as the most important rooms in that individual's home. After all, what does a guy want to do once he's come home from a long day at work? Relax in a hot tub or cool off in the shower and then settle in for a long, restful night of sleep. Right? And we can make that experience reach its maximum comfort level by accessorizing our bathrooms and bedrooms with just the right touches.

Think about it. You walk into your house after a long day at the office, and all you can think about is finding relief for your aching back and neck. A hot shower sounds great. So you step into your bathroom and run through the humdrum of a regular old shower. It's nothing special, but it works. Then you walk into your stark bedroom and settle in for a night of sleep. Again, your bedroom wouldn't stand out in a magazine shoot, but it works.

Now imagine walking into the bathroom and smelling that perfect, inviting smell that just melts your cares away. Instantly you feel your muscles begin to unknot. The colors soothe your soul and make you think of tropical beaches or a desired getaway unlike the stark white walls of the old bathroom ever did. Then you walk into your bedroom and the same inviting scent greets you. Lush pillows on the bed call your name, soothingly asking you to just lay your head down and cuddle right into that plush comforter on your bed. And moreover, when you lay in bed with your eyes wide open and look around your bedroom, you see the things that remind you of why you enjoy life so much, of what makes it worth working so hard every day, because you've surrounded yourself with reminders of your favorite things, from colors to hardware accessories.

The internet can help you accessorize these two important rooms perfectly. These online stores will offer you a vast variety of sheets, blankets, comforters, curtains, and bathroom accessories. The colors will amaze you, and no matter how odd, absurd, conservative, or liberal your taste, you can find something that you like at these kinds of sites.

As you consider what to add to your bathroom and bedroom to make it that perfect getaway place in the house, shoot for quality and comfort. Don't just look at style, but remember, you want these places to be ones that you can genuinely put your feet up at. After comfort, consider your personal style. Maybe you like animal prints, so check out the zebra stripe pillows. Maybe you're a nautical freak and grew up near the ocean, thus pictures of the ocean and sky blue accessories certainly have the potential to soothe you.

Once you've accessorized these two rooms to your liking, the change in your sleeping habits will amaze you. You'll find yourself more relaxed and enjoying these two safe havens even more.


Making the Most of Your Kids Bedroom Decor

For all the time that your child will spend asleep and awake in his or her bedroom, it should become a place of adventure, creativity and imagination. How do you optimize the value of your kid's bedroom decor?

Tip #1: Figure out your budget. Remember that you can buy small pieces at a time, so you can set yourself a monthly budget or a one-time budget.

Tip #2: Select 3 bedroom theme ideas. Select themes that excite your child. If your child is still too young, begin with a few basic pieces and then build until you have variety and depth in the room. If you're not sure what your child will really like in his room them pick a few small things and see how they react.

Tip #3: Don't select kid's bedroom decor only for the look and colors. Whenever you're selecting kids room decor you should make sure there is a dual purpose for the item. For example, a kid's wall clock is not only a beautiful decorative piece to add to the wall to finish out a themed bedroom, but it can also be used to help your child understand when it's bedtime. Dresser knobs on kid's dresser drawers can be used to teach your kids where the clothes get put away. For example, if you have a safari themed bedroom you can put lion knobs on the top dresser drawer where the socks and underwear are kept. Then you can say to your child to get their clothes from the "lions den".

Starting Points

The center piece of a child's themed bedroom is always the comforter bed set on the kid's bed. A bed set normally includes a bed sheet, pillow cases and comforter all matching the theme you've chosen. It's usually the first thing one sees when entering the room. It's a good idea to select this first. Usually the comforter set is adorned with most of the characters in the chosen theme. Pirates, mermaids, jungle animals, planes, trains, boats, fish are all examples of themed kids bedding you can find for sale online. The color scheme in the comforter will help you select the base color for painting the walls.

Expanding The Imagination

There are no rules to where one goes once you have established the center piece in the room. Some people start with lamps and items close to the bed, others with other furniture pieces in the room. The easiest place to start is the curtains and the valance. The curtains should echo the chosen theme in the room.

A wall clock is a good idea if your child will see it directly from the bed. It's a good thing to start teaching your child to tell time early. It also helps them develop a sense of routine and punctuality. A collage of framed wall pictures featuring the main characters in the chosen theme is an excellent idea especially if it matches the theme in the wall clock. It's an easy way to fill up wall space in your kid's bedroom. A kid's throw and plush pillow can be used to hang casually over a chair or literally be thrown in an open space or on a shelf needing color and balance. A delightful finishing touch is to replace the pull knobs on the drawers and cupboards with themed pull knobs especially if these carry images of the characters in the main stories you read your child at bedtime. Children touch these pull knobs many times when they are in their room.

A wall accessory that many parents forget is a wall growth chart - preferably one matching the theme in the room. A wall growth chart helps children develop a sense of maturing as well as growing. As their understanding grows and their values become refined, they see themselves growing against the chart. It's also a wonderful wall decoration and can be included in your plans for your kid's bedroom decor.

When you're selecting your kid's bedroom decor, try to always make sure it serves many purposes and as much as you can pull in a little imagination to make it a creative adventure for your child to experience and relate to each item.


Themed Bedroom Ideas For a Little Girl's Bedroom

Your kid's bedroom is a set space, but there are an unlimited number of themed bedroom ideas that you could use to really bring that small space to life. What you do with the floors, the walls, the angles and the windows is up to you. But remember when you create an environment that comes alive at night or during play time, you are contributing to your child's intellectual and emotional development. Here are some questions that will help you pick one of the many themed bedroom ideas that you'll think about:

What are your daughter's favorite colors? Bright colors have been known to help grow kid's creative and imagination skills. Strong bold colors also make a room look cleaner. Take a look at your kid's favorite story time book and see what kinds of colors she's attracted to. It's also a great way to get your toddler involved in designing the bedroom with you. Ask her to point out her favorite colors in her book.

What are your kid's favorite animals? Kids are amazing how easily they relate to animals and will often use animals in their cute ways of communication. Popular themed bedroom ideas for girls these days are Mermaid, Safari, Ocean, and Butterfly themes. A mermaid themed bedroom can spark an adventurous imagination. A safari themed bedroom can bring the jungle to life. One way to see how fascinated your child is with wild animals is to take a trip to the zoo. Use the life experience of going to the zoo to create stories that you can use in the design of your kid's bedroom.

Your daughter's emotions and values develop as stories unfold in her room. A story by itself is good. A story that attaches to something in the room stays alive for a longer time. As your child uses or plays with the item in the room, they recall the images and messages in the story. It reinforces their perceptions and continues building values.

Little girls grow up in a world of fantasy filled with princesses, princes, horses, bright colors, sugar, spice and everything nice. While growing up, your daughter will spend more than fifty percent of her young life in her bedroom between sleeping, playing and sometimes even in time out. When you look at your daughter's bedroom as an Imagination Center, you realize that the things you select to place in the room are not so much about color as they are about imaginative range. Whenever you get the chance and no matter which themed bedroom idea you pick, always try to relate all the objects in your kid's bedroom to a life experience. For example, tell stories about each thing that unleashes your child's imagination and allow her to experience feelings, emotion, compassion and love. Encourage your child to create their own stories and share the stories with you. This will make your kids bedtime even more fun and add another checkmark next to that Be a great Mom (or Dad) today on your daily checklist.


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